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Neil Armstrong becomes first person to walk on MSEE moon

14 Feb

During a recent and equally rare visit, Purdue graduate Neil Armstrong, best known as the first man to walk on the moon outdid even himself when he set foot atop the moon in front of the Materials and Electrical Engineering building.

Many onlookers gathered around as Armstrong slowly climbed up a ladder and reached the surface top.  16 minutes later, Armstrong returned to the ground and walked back towards Armstrong Hall, where he was schedule to receive an award.

Brian Richmond, a Sophomore in the College of Health Sciences was pretty shocked by the whole event.  “I didn’t even know who he was until someone told me after the fact.  When he was climbing up the ladder, nobody knew what he was doing.  Some grounds-keeper kept yelling at him to get down but he didn’t listen.”


Sex Position of the Week: The Robert Marve

14 Feb

This week’s featured position is inspired by star football player Robert Marve.  It is a relatively advanced position that shouldn’t be attempted by second and third string sexxers.

The setup is very simple.  Perform rather lacklusterly then somersault and surprise your partner.  After that, the male partner tears his ACL trying to get up a take a shower.  The female partner then breaks up with him and dates several other guys losing more dignity with each one.